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Dr Aikaj Jindal

Transfusion Medicine is one of the fastest evolving sciences in the field of medicine. This discipline is still manifesting itself and the endeavour to reach the grass root level of population is still a long journey. Each day we challenge the limits of science and strengthen what we already know as we work tirelessly towards better patient care by providing safer and more efficient blood transfusion services to the entire population of the country.

I thank Dr. Manisha Shrivastava, Honourable Secretary ISTM for giving me this opportunity to design and manage the website. I also thank Mr. Syed Aadil Hussain and Mr. Ankit Awasthi , Directors, Fidaato Infotech Pvt Ltd for their patience and technical expertise which was instrumental in making this project see the day of light.

Dr. Aikaj Jindal
MD Immunohematology and Blood Transfusion
Assistant Professor
Department of Transfusion Medicine
Christian Medical College
Ludhiana - 141008, Punjab, India

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